Friday the 13th July 2018. Unlucky for none!


Welcome to my first ever blog for my new venture the nurtured nurse.

My intention for this blog is to explore how we as nurses can take better care of ourselves and to share some of the techniques that I use to help me to maintain a positive mindset when life gets a bit overwhelming.

I am a work in progress when it comes to looking after myself.

As nurses we have this incessant need to take care of others. It is what drives us and it doesn’t stop when we leave our place of work.

This is why self-love is so important.

Self-love isn’t about being arrogant and vain, and all manner of falseness. It isn’t about proclaiming to the world how much you love yourself whilst strutting down the street like a peacock. To me self-love is looking after who you are and letting people see that you love yourself without having to tell them.  Self-love is seen and not heard.

Are you guilty of fixating on your flaws?  Do you criticise yourself ?

I think as nurses  we are guilty of criticising ourselves and beating ourselves up about what we could or should have done. We take work home with us, and are constantly battling against work constraints and our patients needs. Juggling work and home lives.

When we do find time for ourselves, wouldn’t we rather eat our own body weight in malteasers then think about challenging ourselves to learn something new or rediscover an old hobby. Nurses need to take their empathetic approach to patient care and turn it inwards. We are empathetic, kind and caring to our patients, so isn’t it time to show the same degree of empathy, care and kindness too ourselves.  I love a packet of malteasers and i think they are a lovely part of my self-love experience , but malteasers are only part of the story.  An empathetic approach to ourselves will develop our self-worth and confidence, making life’s obstacles easier to manoeuvre.


Be your own best friend.

When we are struggling with life, we tend to sweep things under the carpet and berate ourselves, telling ourselves we are crap at our job, we always finish late because our time management skills are rubbish, the manager hates me.  You know the kind of stuff I am talking about. This kind of negativity eats away at you and you end up in a miserable place.

Show yourself some love.

Ask yourself what do you need to do to care for yourself at this moment… Something as simple as a cup of tea.

Find something that develops your own sense of wellbeing and brings a sense of joy into your world. Feeling good will help you tackle obstacles with ease.

Painting, playing an instrument, singing etc.   I am not suggesting that you start belting out Madame Butterfly in the middle of a clinic, although I have a colleague that I know  would give it a go.  How about joining a choir if singing is your thing?

If you don’t know what brings you joy. Ask yourself :

What makes me happy?

What am I passionate about?

What am I good at?

What do I know?

By asking yourself these questions i hope it will help you on your way to discovering what you can do to enhance your sense of wellbeing and bring more self love into your world.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. It is a work in progress and a new project for me. I would appreciate any useful comments.

Thank you.

See you in two

Tess xx











The Story begins..

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Today I had the most amazing afternoon with my friend Gill Fell,  She is an inspiration to me and has encouraged me wholeheartedly to pursue my love of writing and my desire to help others. We spent the afternoon brain storming and developing ideas for my blog.

‘The Nurtured Nurse’

The idea behind my blog is to share my experiences in Nursing, and the strategies I have developed over the past 3 years to nurture myself and live a happier existence  whilst working in our wonderful NHS.

The blog will go live on the 13th July 2018

Thank- you xx